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The Liberian Telecommunications Authority (LTA) licenses and regulates telecommunications operators, service providers and monitors their performance on a regular basis to ensure that they discharge the obligations as stipulated in their licenses and are adhering to the provisions of the Telecommunications Act 2007 of the Republic of Liberia.

Licensing Guidelines Pursuant to the Telecommunications Act 2007

The Board of Commissioners (BoC) of the Liberia Telecommunications Authority (LTA) hereby publishes this statement of licensing guidelines, requirements and procedures for the standardization of licenses including radio frequency authorizations, to all new applicants and service providers who are continuing to operate under prior licenses. All new applicants as well as existing telecommunications operators and service providers in the Republic of Liberia are hereby mandated to comply with the following licensing requirements and submit to the LTA the requisite documents and information:

  1. A cover letter signed by the entity’s CEO (or duly authorized representative), on the entity’s letterhead, in support of the license application. The letter must provide contact details such as physical and postal address, telephone numbers, emails, etc;
  2. Articles of Incorporation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Liberia, as may be applicable;
  3. Certificate of Business Registration (showing the entity’s physical presence in Liberia) from the Ministry of Commerce, Republic of Liberia;
  4. Tax Clearance from the Liberia Revenue Authority, Republic of Liberia;
  5. Two Years Annual Reports in all areas of Operation to include Audited Financial Records of, and Equity Ownership (shares) in, the business entity, as may be applicable;
  6. Documentation of performance and experience in providing Telecommunications services anywhere on the globe;
  7. Business Plan to include: A. Anticipated Investment B. Type(s) of Telecommunication Service(s) for which applicant is seeking License, Permit, Spectrum and / or Radio Frequency C. Market Information / Marketing Plan D. Technical Plan E. Implementation Plan F. Operational Plan G. Rollout Plan;
  8. Demonstrated financial capability, where the LTA reserves the right to verify any such capability;
  9. Compliance with all Government of Liberia Investment Incentive requirements, as may be applicable;
  10. Authorization and Release for the LTA to conduct Due Diligence, at the Applicant’s expense.

The Licensing Process: The licensing process commences with the submission of an Expression of Interest (EOI) and / or the submission of a duly completed application form. Application forms are available for download here. Details of the minimum requirements for acceptance of an application for each type of license must be provided in the completed application form. Applicable fees for each category of License are available here. An application is deemed complete (Complete Application) when the LTA receives the completed application form, the required supporting documents and the associated fees; and issues a receipt therefor. Complete Applications will be processed, and the applicant notified within six (6) weeks for Individual Licenses and thirty (30) days for Class Licenses.

Post-licensing Issues: 1. If the LTA approves an application for a Telecommunications license, the applicant is required to take up the offer (i.e., pay all fees required to be licensed and sign the issued License) within two (2) weeks. Failure to meet these conditions will result in the applicant being required to reapply if still interested. 2. All electronic communications systems must be type-approved by the LTA before they are activated. Further, the LTA may require the inspection of networks before they are put into operation. NOTE: Investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with licensing terms and conditions of the LTAs Standardized License (Individual or Class License), as may be applicable. All applicants are strongly advised against submitting false statements and declarations in respect of licensing information required, as this will automatically lead to the disqualification of all such applicants.

Acts and Regulations

The Telecommunication Act of 2007 is available here.

The Telecommunication Licensing Regulations are available here.


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